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A Custom T Shirt Company Explains Screen Printing vs. Direct Garment Printing

There are a lot of reasons to get custom t shirts printed. Whether you’re looking to spread company morale by providing free t shirts for everyone, or looking to advertise your business by handing out branded t shirts at an event, there are many ways to utilize branded merchandise. Here at Fully Promoted Davie, we are a custom t shirt company (among other embroidered items) that supplies custom branded swag for businesses and individuals throughout Davie and Weston, FL. We want to take a moment and talk about the difference between getting your custom t shirts printed through screen printing and through direct garment printing. When you need t shirt printing near me, we believe you’ll trust us to get it done for you.

Screen Printing vs. Direct Garment Printing

Screen printing is the process of printing film and burning it into a screen for every color used in the design. Each screen is loaded onto a large press, and the design is pressed onto the t shirt layer-by-layer. The ink gets forced through a mesh stencil onto the t shirt, and when all colors have been pressed, the shirt is finished. This process is great for simpler designs, since less colors means less pressing, and is great for mass-printing many shirts. The downside is that the set up for every design is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Direct garment printing differs in that the artwork is printed directly onto the shirt rather than onto a film. This simplified process makes it a lot easier to get started printing onto the shirts, and the designs can be more complex for less hassle. That said, it takes far more time to print shirts because they must be printed one-by-one. This also means direct garment printing can be more expensive to compensate for the much smaller volume of shirts the provider can pump out. There’s also the topic of quality, as the images will likely be more crisp on screen printed t shirts, and they’ll survive more washes over time.

What Custom T Shirt Company Model is Best?

In short, screen printing requires a lot of time and equipment to set up, but can produce large quantities of shirts at high-quality. Direct garment printing is significantly easier to set up, and many can even do it from home, but it produces far less product at a slightly lower quality. The thing is, if you’re a smaller start-up, you probably don’t need more than a few shirts, and the quality concern isn’t your biggest priority. Even if the cost per shirt will be higher with direct garment printing, if you only need 10-20 shirts, it may still be the better option. Many screen printing companies may not even offer to print if you don’t request a high enough amount of shirts. For a larger company looking to have many more shirts, then the cost of direct garment printing will start to grow exponentially over screen printing. Additionally, you’ll get your order of screen-printed shirts at a consistent price, and they’ll be a slightly better quality.

Contact Us for T Shirt Printing Near Me

At Fully Promoted Davie, we are a custom t shirt company that utilizes screen printing. For high-volume, high-quality custom shirts, we are the company to trust in Davie and Weston, FL. To see more custom products that we offer, or to order custom shirts, then contact us today for t shirt printing near me and more.
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