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Don’t Make These Mistakes: T Shirt Printing Miami Locals Trust

A great T-shirt design should be universally admired. So what makes for a great design, versus a forgettable one? How do you design a t-shirt that people will want to wear over and over again? Some of the greatest designs are simple. However, there are certain guidelines to follow as even the simplest designs need to hit certain marks and avoid some common mistakes in order to achieve a great t-shirt design. Fully Promoted Davie is known for T shirt printing Miami residents love, and here we have listed some of the top factors when it comes to t shirt printing that we see our clients take into consideration. Read on to learn more about the mistakes you need to avoid when designing a t shirt. If you’re looking for “screen printing near me” in the Weston area, call Fully Promoted Davie located in Davie today!

T-Shirt Mistakes To Avoid

  • Sizing- There are many things in life where size does not matter, but in t-shirt design it matter a lot. Yet, the majority of people still like to go with standard sizing most of the time. The thing is, size should be decided based on the nature of the design, and the properties of the garment that is going to be printed. There needs to be a certain amount of thought put into it, and depending on the shape of your design, the shirt can end up looking much bigger than it should. Square or circular shapes, for example, tend to look better when they are sized smaller than standard. Before you go looking online for “screen printing near me,” think if one size fits all.
  • Placement- Print placement is not the same as print location. Print placement has to do with the specific measurement of where to print the design within the location. Even if your design is amazing, if the placement is wrong, then heads will be turning for the wrong reasons. A common mistake when printing t-shirts is to put it on the belly, which is never a flattering place to put the design. If your design is in a standard location like the full front or full back, then here at Fully Promoted Davie our team will make sure that the placement is also standard, and will work across your various garment types and sizes.

T Shirt Printing Miami Residents Love

  • Typography & Fonts- Typography is essentially the visual component of the written word. It is not the actual text, but anytime text is printed or displayed, it involves a certain degree of typography. When it comes to design, typography is the art of typesetting or arranging type in a way that makes the most sense, along with choosing typefaces (fonts), making sure the letter spacing and line spacing is correct, and the way it interacts with the graphic elements is pleasing aesthetically. The font choice conveys a lot about the way that your design is received, and evokes emotions that may not be the intent. After a lifetime of looking at logos, graphics, and ads, we all have associations of certain characteristics to certain fonts. 

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Fully Promoted Davie provides T shirt printing Miami business owners rely on. If you’re looking for “screen printing near me” in the Weston area, call Fully Promoted Davie located in Davie today!
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