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Selecting The Perfect T-Shirt For Your Summer Camp

Summer camp is an integral part of childhood. Making new friends, campfires, hiking, canoeing, and arts and crafts produces great memories. Receiving a t-shirt unique to the camp experience is a way for each camper to have a tangible, lasting reminder of their favorite summers, and something to look back on fondly as they grow older. Here at Fully Promoted Davie, we offer a wide range of services for summer camp directors in Miami, Davie, and the surrounding areas to find the perfect apparel for those dog days.   

Why Invest In A T-Shirt?

As mentioned above, choosing to invest in specific, branded apparel for your summer camp is a great way to create a life-long memory. It is also a resourceful way to provide word-of-mouth marketing. Imagine one of your campers walking into school wearing a shirt with your summer camp logo on it. When asked about what it means, the camper will talk about their time spent at your camp and about how much fun they had. What a great way to drum up excitement for next summer!  Apparel is also a way to establish a sense of community. Sports teams and clubs provide apparel to their students, instilling them with a sense of identity. Providing your campers with the same thing will make them think, “Wow! I am a part of this!”  

Determining The Look

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the look of your apparel. Fabric, color, and brand are some of the most important. Consider the weather, the activities you offer, and the shirt’s practicality. Cotton and polyester are the most popular options. Cotton provides breathability during the hot summer days, while also being comfortable. Polyester is great if there is a lot of running and hiking because it is more durable.  Bright colors can be great if you want your campers to be easily spotted. You could even have a different color for each cabin, grade level, or division. However, it is also important to consider how your logo will look on top of the colors you choose. Busy is not better. Clear, simple, and legible is the way to go.  When choosing the brand of your shirt, it is essential to consider practicality and cost. You want shirts that will be durable but are not too expensive if you must replace them.   

Screen Printing Versus Embroidering

Is screen printing or embroidering the best way to achieve your desired look? The simplest answer is this: as a summer camp, your apparel will most likely be shirts that are busy with large logos. Screen printing will produce the best result in this scenario. However, if you want your directors to stand out, consider ordering a few embroidered polos.   

Contact Us

Choosing the perfect t-shirt can be a daunting task. If you are a summer camp director or live in the Miami or Davie area and have ever searched the phrase “embroidery near me,” let us help you! Visit our website and let our team at Fully Promoted Davie create your shirt today. 
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