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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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Steps To Design School Spirit Tees

What expresses school pride better than sporting school inspired attire? We are talking about clothes that are decked out in school colors and mascots. All of this can be made possible by EmbroidMe of Davie. Why not rock a custom designed t-shirt? We have many school spirit ideas that students all across Miami will want to take advantage of. Our company features wholesale t shirts Miami.  

You Can Make Them Yourselves!

Now that you found the perfect company that has all the clothing you want, next comes the fun part. We are talking about letting your creative side unleash on clothing design. We offer many wholesale t shirts Miami. What better way to show school pride than with custom school spirit shirts? Customized school spirit t-shirts are perfect for any school, grade level, or special event, from elementary to high school. Whether you want to create custom school shirts as gifts for your students, as new merchandise items for big game days, or as a way to raise some money for your school, we have got the tools you need to get started!  

Our Easy Steps Toward School Spirit Ideas

  • Step One: Choose a printing service to make your shirts
    • The best rule of thumb when navigating the huge range of choices out there is to look for flexibility. Top custom t-shirt platforms should offer your school plenty of options. These include:
      • Easy to use t-shirt design tools
      • Design templates
      • A variety of products to choose from
      • Bulk order options with direct shipping
      • Fundraising options for your school
  • Step Two: Decide what kind of custom apparel you want to design
    • Think carefully about what type of custom apparel products your student body would be most interested in.
    • Of course, you can’t go wrong with classic tees, but be sure to explore all your options. Offering your students a few different versions can boost school spirit considerably.
  • Step Three: Prepare for the design process
    • You should not rush into the design process without first establishing a few guidelines. These will help to direct the design process and ensure that your final product is absolutely perfect for your school and your students.
    • To get started, think about the exact purpose of your new shirts and how you’d like to approach the design process. Here are three common routes that schools take:
      • Going for a classic school spirit look? Use existing elements like your mascot or school logo.
      • Want to try something new? Create a design yourself or ask a talented volunteer to lend a hand.
      • Why not let the students design it? Hold a t-shirt design contest and vote on your favorites!
  • Step Four: Create a Design
    • Create a few first drafts of custom school shirt concepts to start refining your ideas. You might want to create a classic school spirit shirt featuring your mascot, or you may want to branch out and offer your students something new, too. Here are 3 of the hottest trends in graphic tee design:
      • Stylized graphics. Trendy design in a colorful, hand-drawn style is popular with all ages.
      • Minimalist styles. Simplified design and typography keep up with current trends can be effective depending on the shirt’s context.
      • Cool typography. Eye-catching or icon fonts can make for great design on their own.
  • Step Five: Place an order and get them printed
      • By this point, you’ve probably already chosen how you’re going to offer your custom school shirts to your student body. Flexible platforms like Bonfire allow you to select the perfect method to suit your goals:
        • Sell shirts online. Cut out all the time-consuming middle steps of forms and checks and sell your shirts online through a Bonfire campaign! We’ll ship their orders directly to your students and parents.
        • Use shirts to fundraise. If you need to raise money for your school or a cause, consider starting a t-shirt fundraiser with your design. Customers can also easily make donations as they make a purchase.
        • Place a direct order. Supply by Bonfire makes it easy to place a bulk order of as many or as few custom shirts as you want to sell or distribute yourself.

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We are the best choice when it comes raising school pep! We have many school spirit ideas that students will love. There is no company out there who is as good as us, Weston. EmbroidMe is the best embroiderer near me. Call or contact us today for more information. We are located in Miami. We offer the best wholesale t shirts Miami.
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