How much do you know about the effectiveness of branded merchandise as a form of marketing your business? The truth is that it can be quite the effective strategy, and recent marketing research has shown it’s only increasing the effectiveness of sales, but there are some important details you need to know if you want to utilize promotional products correctly. We at Fully Promoted Davie are retail and wholesale providers of promotional products Miami and Fort Lauderdale businesses are using for their marketing. Located in Davie, we have a strong reputation in our community on our quality products, and we want to share some information we know about marketing with promotional products so that you can make the best out of your next investment.

How to Make Branded Merchandise Work for You

If you want your promotional products to stand out, there are few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • The Product Itself is Important
    • Slapping your logo onto any old item and calling it a day isn’t the way to make the product work for you. Instead, think about what the product itself is, how it relates to your brand or your event, and choose something that will attract people to the item and your brand as a result.
  • Aim for Quality Materials and Don’t Settle for Cheap
    • If you’re giving away free products, it sounds appealing to just buy cheap materials, but people will notice this. If the promotional item is of low quality, like a rough shirt, that person won’t wear it or keep it. By spending a little extra on quality, you can ensure your initial investment doesn’t just get thrown out and fail to make an impact (thus wasting the money you did spend).
  • Make Your Giveaway Stand Out
    • Customize the nature of your giveaway. What is your promotion, and why does it matter to your consumers? How can you make your giveaway feel like a satisfying reward rather than just another item?

What Makes Promotional Items Effective?

Promotional items are more than just a logo floating out there in the world for people to see, but something that’s meant to leave an impact on your audience. Offering small, complementary items like pens, plastic cups, and baseball caps at events or as additional rewards has the added impact of making the receiver feel important. We like getting things we weren’t expecting. It gives others the impression that you care about them as individuals and not necessarily as walking wallets. As a result, this can establish a connection between that consumer and your brand, or strengthen the loyalty that consumer already has with your brand. These items also leave an impact on the receiver as the brand associated with the item becomes more immediately associated with the service you offer. You’re more likely to pull the name of a brand you have printed on an item you own than a competitor that you don’t have an item from, basically.

All that said, the popularity of promotional products has made us more accustomed to their existence, and as a result, we’ve become more “numb” to the initial impact these items give us. You’ll need to be a bit more creative if you want your promotional items to work as intended, otherwise the product might be forgotten in a sea of other generic promotional items that person has received in their life.

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Here at Fully Promoted Davie, quality is the most important thing we aim for in all our branded merchandise we offer to our clients. We recognize that people want items that work and apparel that’s wearable. As such, we work to offer quality promotional products Miami, Davie, and Fort Lauderdale companies can feel confident purchasing, and we do so at an affordable rate. To learn more about the items we offer, contact us on our website.