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10 Best Merch Items for Concerts & Music Festivals

With concerts coming back in full swing this year, the time for merchandise is ever increasing. People have been wanting to get out into the concert scene for years, and this means an increase in sales of band merch and promo products. But with so many options out there to promote yourself, which ones should you choose? We’ve outlined the 10 best merch items for concerts and music festivals this year, letting you in on the best ways to use that promotional merchandise. Fully Promoted Davie can help you achieve the final look, with a wide assortment of merch available for printing! With anything from hats to shirts to hoodies, we got you covered this concert season.

The Basics of Every Music Festival

Of course the number one item you should have at any concert or music festival is going to be shirts. You can have a different variety of them, of course, including plain t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves and hoodies. Having more than just the usual t-shirt can increase sales, as well as having a few color options too. Most people flock to black, but having white and a few other colors like red, blue or green can add a fun mix to the selection, and potentially increase sales with more choices. Tie-dye is even making a comeback, so if you feel like taking a chance and making a few of the shirts more rainbow colored, why not? Make sure the fabric you pick isn’t too bulky, though, and lean towards a cotton/polyester blend. Most people don’t want a heavy fabric for their band shirts as they’re sweating enough on the floor. Another favorite in the music scene is hats, either beanies or baseball hats. There are other choices you can go with, but these two are the quintessential in band hats, offering more to your audience than you may think with just two choices. The same can go for the hats as with the shirts, in that you can have a couple of color selections as well, but most often black and one other color will be enough for most crowds. 

More Promo Products

Some of the younger crowd may look at your sample discs and wonder what the heck they’re used for, but your slightly older crowds may appreciate the old school items and pick up a few. Having a couple of sample discs at your table for $5 can easily get your music into the hands of the crowds, especially with gen x’ers who may still have a Walkman laying around somewhere. At the very least, have a few business cards or other sheets with info about your Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora information so everyone can easily gain access to your band’s music. For the music goers who don’t have a lot of cash to spend, there’s always easy money made when you have pins, stickers and other smaller promotional items with your logo on it. You can even make bottle openers with your logo on it to help your fans remember your music while they open their 10th bottle of beer. Posters are also an easy way of self-promotion, as they can be as big or as little as you want. You can hang them off of your table to attract attention, and sell smaller sized posters or tapestries to fans. Think outside the box and have air fresheners made with your logo too, as this is a great way of having your logo stick into your fan’s minds while also spreading the logo and design to passing traffic and people in parking lots. 

More Tech Merch

Of course you don’t want to miss the obvious when it comes to band merch: drinkware. Coffee mugs, travel mugs, water bottles, any and all of these are ideal ways of promoting your band. It’s easy to get your logo and band name on drinkware, and people are always in need of water bottles and the like. For ease of use and an increase in sales, look for water bottles that have some sort of attachment, such as carabiners, for easy travel use. Selling custom earbuds with your logo on them can help keep your band name close when your fans start listening to music on their phones. Or better yet, make Pop Sockets or other smartphone accessories for your band. These accessories are going to be fun and easy for most everyone, and they won’t hesitate to buy a Pop Socket or phone case when it’s their favorite band’s name and logo on it. The possibilities are endless!

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Are you ready to get started on your promotional merchandise for the upcoming music festivals? There’s no better resource than Fully Promoted Davie! Located in Davie, Florida, we offer a wide selection of promo products, including pens, shirts, hats, lanyards, drinkware, smartphone chargers and more! Call us today to get started!
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