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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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Custom Shirts & More Are Perfect for Celebrating Milestones

There are so many reasons you should take advantage of owning custom shirts. One of the obvious reasons is the fact that you will be one of the very few individuals in the world who will be rocking the shirt design. Who does not love uniqueness? However, if you are looking for another reason to sport a custom shirt, we suggest rocking one as a way to celebrate a milestone. At EmbroidMe of Davie, we specialize in wholesale clothing Miami. You can trust our experts.  

It Is Time To Celebrate!

A bank wanted to promote 110 years of serving individuals and businesses in Florida through an "Open House" celebration at their branches. Among the many products selected to commemorate this milestone, a custom t-shirt was one of those chosen. The short would be a great office promotion attire because it will represent the bank and also advertise at the same time. Both current customers and the local community were invited to branches for "coffee, cookies, and giveaways." Included with the shirt was other giveaways like calendars, pens, a phone charger, and a desk caddy. All who opened an account or made a transaction were entered in a drawing for a collector series of coins. At the seven branches, over 3,000 attendees received gifts, information, and goodwill from the banks' employees and staff. Within the following six weeks they discovered that there was nearly a 20% increase in new accounts from the previous year. If this was possible for a bank, imagine all the other businesses and industries this could effect!  

We Make Custom Shirts

The future of EmbroidMe Davie is now.  In August 2018, we announced the next evolution of our brand.  After operating for more than eight years as EmbroidMe Davie, we began to hear from our customers that they would like more products and services to help their business grow and to get more customers.  EmbroidMe of Davie started to expand from providing custom apparel and promotional products also to include printing services and digital marketing. Following the lead of our successful business and customers, we changed our name to Fully Promoted Davie, and we now offer Branded Products & Marketing Services.   Fully Promoted Davie is now a one-stop destination for small and medium-size businesses.  Our local experts provide not only the products and service but the solutions and ideas to help their customers get more customers.  The questions our employees ask every day is, “Are you Fully Promoted?”.  

Need to grow your company?

We have the products and expertise to get your name out and help customers find you! At Fully Promoted, we offer complete branded product and marketing solutions. We will create customized campaigns that meet your needs, from a wide range of products and services that include everything from corporate apparel and promotional products to printed marketing materials and digital services.   You will meet one-on-one with our Fully Promoted expert. Together, you’ll discuss your goals and the customers you want to reach. Then, we will create a customized solution, just for you, that provides a customer experience with fully integrated images and messaging.   Fully Promoted brings a level of expertise and customer service you won’t find anywhere else, delivering quality products you can trust, services that will raise your profile, a budget you can work with and on-time delivery.  

Ask Us About Wholesale Clothing Miami

We have all the expert advice you need when it comes to celebrating milestones. Try our custom shirts today! EmbroidMe is known for having the best wholesale clothing Miami. Call or contact us today for more information on how we can help. We are based in Davie, FL.
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