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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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Customize Your Own Blank Apparel For Any Occasion

One of the best ways to promote your business or brand is through customized clothing and accessories. Custom T-shirts for your brand or company create value for the money spent, and in terms of branding is a great investment. Whether it’s fun company shirts or logos for your small business, EmbroidMe in Fort Lauderdale provides wholesale clothing Miami area business owners rely on to promote their brand and stand out in the competitive market. We can customize your blank apparel with all types of logos and designs en masse for distribution or shipment. Call EmbroidMe today to promote your brand and customize wholesale apparel!  

Why Customize Shirts?

  Some business owners may be wondering, why should they spend any money and time making custom t-shirts, jackets, or other clothes at all? Well, first of all, EmbroidMe is able to take the time and hassle of customizing clothing off your hands, providing customized wholesale clothing Miami business owners and brands all over the U.S. order from. It is a great investment as a marketing move. Car makers print their logo on the front and back of their vehicles because this is basically free advertising that gets noticed by hundreds of people every single day. Many of the people who see your logo can be potential customers or clients, and if you leave the logo off, you are missing out on all of that visibility. Every time someone wears your t-shirt to go shopping, running, or out to a convention, you’re getting free marketing for your brand. The average shirt is seen 2555 times, so imagine the exposure your brand is getting from simply providing customized shirts.  

We Customize Your Blank Apparel

  Customized shirts are also great for company spirit and mojo. Your brand, business, or department works together as a team. An athlete cannot accomplish anything without their coach, sponsors, or family. The best performing teams are the ones that are the most cohesive, and you can improve team cohesion through company tee shirts or customized uniforms. This isn’t restricted to internal workings either- your customers or fans can also be part of your team. Create a variation on your staff designs for your customers, but also leave a set of designs with the same general theme for your customers or as promotional material. Boost team morale and take advantage of free advertising by distributing apparel with your customized logo either for the workplace, at conventions, or just in general at events for those who want to support your company. People also love to win prizes. Boost your company image while continuing to market your brand by giving away customized shirts or apparel as prizes at fairs or company retreats. This will also make potential clients appreciate the value of your brand, as you are both being generous and rewarding them with the good feeling of winning a prize.  

Contact Us Today

  Creating customized apparel for your business or team is a great investment for marketing and brand promotion. Moreover, customized apparel is also fantastic for appearing more cohesive and professional as a brand. EmbroidMe in Fort Lauderdale customizes wholesale clothing Miami area business owners and brands all over the U.S. trust. Call us today to customize your blank apparel!
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