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Holiday Promotional Products Make For Great Gifts

The holiday season is here, meaning many companies are showing appreciation for their staff and their customers through free swag. Fun fact: did you know that “swag” stands for “stuff we all get?” While it’s a nice gesture, it’s not just handing out free things. Offering free promotional products as swag can actually do a lot to benefit you in the long run as well. We at Fully Promoted Davie have helped companies with branded items, such as wholesale t shirts Miami locals are crazy about, as well as here in the Davie and Weston areas. Regardless of your brand, we’d love to share our creative ideas for perfect holiday items as well as how you can benefit from free promotional swag.

How Swag Helps You

From a business perspective, it doesn’t seem like giving away free stuff would make much sense, right? It’s all about long-term gain as free swag can actually increase future sales. Here are some reasons why:
  • Customers feel grateful
    • When someone receives additional, free items they didn’t anticipate they’d be getting, there’s a sense of gratitude that’s created. What this translates to is stronger customer loyalty for your business. They know you’ve treated them right, and they want to treat you right.
  • Customers respect generosity
    • In today’s era, consumers are conscious about a company’s business etiquette. When companies are stingy, it can leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth. In contrast, the opposite is also true. Companies that put their consumers first are well-respected, and something like free holiday products can contribute to this image. A positive image also means your good reputation is spread around.
  • Promotional items spread your name
    • When you add your brand to the products you hand out, you’re essentially turning that gift into a form of advertisement. T shirts, for example, have someone wearing your brand for others to see.

Recommendations for Promotional Products

Here in Davie, FL, we’ve seen lots of companies utilize wholesale t shirts Miami locals enjoy. T shirts are a common choice, but depending on your brand, you might want other options as well. Here are some great ideas for promotional items you can offer:
  • Drinkware
    • Custom, reusable drinkware is not only functional, but also helps people avoid disposable plastics--something that today’s market is happy to avoid. There’s also a lot of different options to choose from: water bottles, tumblers, and mugs are just a few examples of branded drinkware you can offer.
  • Totes
    • If you’re already bagging a customer’s purchases on their way out, why not replace disposable plastic bags with reusable, branded totes? Not only does it give off the vibe of higher quality, but you’re giving your customers a way to avoid regular plastic bags in the future using a bag with your logo on it.
  • Tech Gear
    • Whether it’s earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, or phone chargers, we can all use some nice electronic items in today’s age. Consider having a limited give-away, something that not only gives your customers an opportunity to win free things, but it also adds hype and excitement around your brand.
  • Notebooks and Journals
    • Receiving a nice journal with a company logo pen can be a nice touch for many consumers. Pens are a classic form of free, branded products, so why not expand on the idea to include something to write on as well?
  • Self-Care
    • Small items like lip balms, hand lotions, and hand sanitizers can be a great way to share that self-care love for brands related to hygiene, skincare, and makeup. Depending on your brand, you may even offer these as free samples to purchasable products, meaning your consumers can buy full amounts of the samples they love.

Contact Us for Wholesale T Shirts Miami Locals Wear

If you’re interested in celebrating the holidays with new promotional products to hand out, Fully Promoted Davie is where you should go. Whether it’s T shirts, mugs, totes, earbuds, or something else, we can help with all your branding needs in Davie and Weston, FL. Contact us today to learn more about our options.
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