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How Custom Made T Shirts Should Fit - Size Guide

Are you interested in expanding the reach of your brand within your community? Branded products are the perfect way to do this, as promo item marketing is a fantastic way to not only generate brand awareness, but also to pull in more consumer loyalty at the same time. Here at Fully Promoted Davie, our favorite product to do this is custom made T shirts. T shirts are great items anyone can appreciate, but it’s important to understand how to properly fit a T shirt so that your consumers can find a size that’s comfortable for them. If you’re looking for wholesale T shirts Miami businesses trust for promotional products, we are the place to see, including for locations such as Weston.

How to Fit Custom Made T Shirts

When it comes to T shirt styles, there are two main fits to consider beyond the simple size: standard fit and fashion fit. In general, standard fit is more forgiving for those that are somewhat self-conscious about their body shape and size. Its wider armholes, wider collar, and straight sleeves and torso are better at hiding curves, but they’re naturally comfortable regardless. Fashion fit, on the other hand, has smaller armholes and collar, a tapered sleeve, and a contoured torso to better compliment one’s body shape. Standard is a pretty safe bet where you’re not likely to make someone feel uncomfortable with the shirt they receive (particularly if they get a size that’s a little too small). Meanwhile, fashion fit will look better overall and will help your brand stand out against other, more generic branded T shirts. It’s up to you ultimately which fit you want to go for, but consider your brand and your audience as to which benefit suits your brand more.

What You Should Know About Sizes

In the United States, you’ll commonly see about five standard shirt sizes: small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL, though other sizes such as XS and 3XL+ are options too. You might consider these based on your demographic. If you are a family-oriented brand, for example, XS sizes can be great for preteens. As for what sizes to recommend, it comes down to a contrast of style vs. comfort. The wearer should have something that fits their frame while not being too tight. Going a size up adds a bit more comfort, which is a common choice in men, but there’s also shrinkage to consider. T shirts shrink after being worn, naturally, and that’s something to take into consideration when picking a size. For example, if a small is a perfect fit for someone, offering a medium may be better long term to compensate for the added shrinking of the material.

Get Wholesale T Shirts Miami Locals Love

Custom made T shirts are a fantastic way to further market your brand, and if you’re looking for the kind of wholesale T shirts Miami businesses go to, then you’ll want to contact Fully Promoted Davie for details. We offer local sales for areas around Miami, including Weston and Davie, or you can make an order online for shipment around the country.
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