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T Shirt Design: Are Crop Tops on Trend?

What is your stance on crop tops? Do you love them or hate them? Well, regardless if they are the latest trend hitting the stores at the moment. They are in every store and every closet. Not even gender determines who wears these pieces. Both women and even men are taking advantage of this shirt, especially during the hot summer months. At EmbroidMe of Davie, our t shirt design company is here to make sure you have all the information on crop tops. We take pride in offering the best screen printing near me.  

A Blast From The Past

You've seen Johnny Depp sport on before his deathly demise in A Nightmare on Elm Street in the 80’s and saw it worn on every Spice Girl dominating in the 90s. It seems as though the crop top is a trend that will never disappear. We are now almost into the 2020’s and they are still more popular than ever!   While the trend took a brief hiatus, crop tops have grown to be a major sensation once again. You can hardly walk into any retail store or scroll through social media without seeing some variation of the midriff-baring item. Here’s a quick fashion flashback into one of the hottest trends on the market.  

T Shirt Design: The History of a Crop Top

The concept of a crop top was actually introduced to the Western World in 1893, when foreign belly dancers wearing bedlahs gave a performance at the World’s Fair in Chicago. While it was an eye-catching design, it was considered too “exotic” at the time for Western fashion. However, World War II changed all of that when fabric had to be rationed.   Officially introduced to American fashion in the 1940s, this crop top was much different than what you might imagine today. It was often collared and had short sleeves. It wasn’t until the hippie movement and aerobic fascination in the ‘70s and ‘80s that the style was popularized. Think of the movie characters from Flashdance and Dirty Dancing.   From chic to street and hooded to tees, the variations of crop tops are seemingly endless. However, the majority of the trend boils down to three basic foundations: the tee, the racer tank, and the hoodie.  

Check Us Out!

Embroidme of Davie giving customers great solutions for their business, brands, schools, and organizations. Our specialties are Embroidery, Screen Printing, Promotional Products, and personalized gifts at an affordable price. We provide our customers with the highest exception in quality, turn-around, and customer satisfaction with more than 15 years in the business. EmbroidMe of Davie is one of Broward County’s leaders in branding local companies and organizations serving Davie, Sunrise, Plantation, Weston, and many areas in Miami. Whether you are looking for T-shirts, polo’s, caps, or custom printed USB’s; no job is too small, too big, or too far. We are dedicated to helping a business grow as their growth is our drive in success.  

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We are the best choice when it comes to different types of t shirt design. There is no company out there who can produce the quality pieces we sell, Weston. EmbroidMe offers the best screen printing near me. Call or contact us today for more information. We are located in Davie!
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