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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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The Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is a lucrative business for any willing entrepreneur. T-shirt printing might be for you if you aim to make good money on a start-up that is easy to run. This is because this business requiresa zero experience. It depends on how fast and willing you are to learn the available t-shirt printing techniques.  Moreover, people with absolutely no experience have been able to start a T-shirt business. Furthermore, in Davie, you can get unique t-shirts with intricate designs and access dtg printing services at Fully Promoted Davie.  

T-shirt Printing Business

T-Shirts are always clothing on demand by men, women, and children. You have the option to make customized t-shirts or start a clothing line.  

T-Shirt Printing Techniques

There are a good number of methods used to print t-shirts. The techniques vary due to different expected results on t-shirts—the type of fabric, desired design and the number of t-shirts to print. Learning some details about your clients’ needs will also help you choose wisely. The three common techniques are screen printing, heat transfer, and direct to garment.
  • Screen Printing Technique
Many printing companies use this method because it can produce results in bulk. The final prints are fine-looking, and the quality is excellent. In this method, high-quality ink is required for the best results. What is amazing is that a gallon of ink can produce up to 600 t-shirts. Even though the machines required are expensive, their usage can save you lots of profits. The large number of productions also saves you time.
  • DTG (Direct to garment) T-shirt Printing
This is a modern method of t-shirt printing where you can directly print on the t-shirt. The designs on the t-shirts usually come out great with the exact expected color and a smooth finish. In essence, the t-shirts are of high quality and offer an attractive design.
  • Heat Transfer Technique
In this technique, a design is first digitally printed on a suitable vinyl paper. Next is using heat to press and melt the print onto the t-shirt. This is a unique printing method for startups that may have financial constraints. It is a cheaper technique compared to the other two options.  

Get Your T-Shirt Printed the Easier Way

Not everyone can manage to design their own unique t-shirt. Moreover, you may even be unable to pull off any of the above t-shirt printing techniques on your own. It is also possible that you consider t-shirt printing a hectic task for you. However, all these problems shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to access the best quality t-shirts.  

Contact Us Today

At Fully Promoted Davie, located in Davie, we customize t-shirt designs for any occasion. You can order high-quality t-shirts for any event or business purpose. It is as simple as calling us, emailing, or leaving a message to get your hands on the best t-shirts today.
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