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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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What Your Corporate Apparel Says About You

When it comes to corporate apparel, there are certain standards in every office. There are many violations of the general U.S. office dress code that you can commonly observe, such as a woman in sheer black hose, or a man wearing torn-up khakis and an T-shirt when everybody else is supposed to be in a tie. What you wear to the office is the way you present yourself to your boss and to the world. It’s important to appear professional, well put together, and confident in order to work as your best self. Clothes can send unwanted messages, and first impressions matter. EmbroidMe provides wholesale t shirts Miami business owners rely on. If your company is looking to order company tee shirts or customized apparel, call EmbroidMe today!  

Office Dress Code Mistakes

  Every office is different, and a casual start-up environment can differ from a buttoned-up Wall Street cubicle. But in your average office environment, you should probably avoid eccentric clothing. You know what that means- the guy who only ever sports plaid shirts and bow-ties, or the woman who favors ridiculously bright neon colors. While your clothes can be a conversation starter, they may also cause your boss to wonder if they can trust you to meet with important clients, or think that you are dressing eccentrically to get attention. Blend in, style-wise, with your office, in order to play the power game effectively. This includes ostentatious jewelry as well. If you love gold and diamonds, that’s fantastic, but leave it for the weekend. Sporting an excessive amount of bling can make your coworkers wonder why you’re even still working. Keep your expensive to one statement item, like a gold watch or a pair of ruby earrings. Overdoing the expensive jewelry can leave people suspicious, envious, or confused.  

Corporate Apparel Tips

  What you wear to the office really depends on the general environment of your office. Some offices are more casual and are okay with Birkenstock sandals, flannel shirts, knit caps, or hiking boots. Maybe your company orders customized wholesale t shirts Miami area businesses rely on EmbroidMe for, and it’s fine to sport a brand logo. But you should still figure out what exactly where the line is, and what “casual” means in your office. Even if your office is more casual, dressing a little nicer than required can give you a boost in confidence as well as help others perceive you as more serious about your work. Moreover, avoid super trendy clothes (unless you work in the fashion industry), as colleagues and clients may feel intimidated by your aggressive style. If you love fashion and want to work in a bit of unique style, try flaunting one item at a time, like a shirt with an intersting cut, or a pair of fantastically fabulous boots, and keep the rest of your outfit more in tune with your surroundings.  

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  Corporate apparel differs from company to company, but it’s important to dress for the job you want and put your best foot forward in order to optimize your career. If your brand or company is looking for customizable wholesale shirts to promote your logo, EmbroidMe provides customizable wholesale shirts Miami business owners love. Call us today to promote your brand with customized apparel!
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