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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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Why You Need Business Promotional Items

Any successful business needs to keep up with the world of advertisement trends. A great marketing scheme in this industry is the use of business promotional items. There is an abundance of products you can use. This includes anything from t-shirts, magnets, pens, and koozies. At EmboridMe of Davie, we have the perfect ideas that will get your business noticed. Ask us about the best t shirt printing near me. We are here for you Fort Lauderdale.  

Keep Up With The Trends

Studies show promotional products were ranked as the highest advertising medium across all generations. If you want to expand the reach of your brand, promotional products are the way to go. Nearly nine of ten consumers remember the branding of a promotional product and roughly eight in ten looks up the brand after receiving a promotional product. We will break it down for you. We are here to discuss the who, what, where, and why of promotional products.  

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So, who uses these products? Around 28% of consumers are exposed to promotional products each day and around 81% keep promotional products for over a year. Even if the direct recipient of the product does not keep it, there is a large chance they are passing it along to someone else. This will expand your brand reach. The more people who are exposed to your brand, the better results you will see in business and sales.   One in two consumers says they have a promotional product on their person, such as a wearable item. Bags, t-shirts, and hats are prime examples of products that you can wear. This is our specialty. We are deemed the best t shirt printing near me. Other popular promotional products include kitchen items, office supplies, and vehicle accessories. You can also tailor your promotional products to the current season.  

Consider This

Now Things You Should Consider
  • The tone of your brand image or the direction in which you would like it to go. Influence your choice of products and the message you apply to them. Are you going for something useful, luxury, fun, wacky or corporate? Consider whether the merchandise you want to use is in accordance with what your clients are used to seeing from your brand image.
  • Delivery times for promotional goods can vary considerably between products, so be sure to give enough time to get creative with designs, inspect samples and to allow for the goods to be produced and delivered. Allow a few days contingency in case of unforeseen curveballs – mainly if you have gone down the route of bespoke designs.
  • Relevancy is hugely important in any marketing campaign. Make sure your chosen products are not only the right fit for your brand image but that they are suitable for the recipients. Mouse mats can make your brand highly visible on an office desk, but probably wouldn’t be the right choice for an affluent elderly demographic which uses tablets far more than desktop pcs.

Try Us Today

Creating customized apparel and promotional products for your business or team is a great investment for marketing and brand promotion. We offer all the best business promotional items. Moreover, customized apparel is also fantastic for appearing more cohesive and professional as a brand. EmbroidMe of Davie customizes wholesale clothing Miami area business owners and brands all over the U.S. trust. Call us today to customize your blank apparel! You will never need to search the phrase t shirt printing near me again. We are located in Davie.
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