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15 Top Church Fundraising Ideas For Locals!

Are you interested in holding a church fundraising event in the near future? We at Fully Promoted Davie are the company that pulls up when you search “T shirt printing near me” in Fort Lauderdale, and we have loads of experience with branded merchandise and making fundraising events a success. If you’re looking to make your church fundraiser one to remember, then we have some ideas to help you brainstorm.

15 Church Fundraising Suggestions

It’s never a bad time to raise money for a good cause, and now more than ever is a great time to help boost the community’s morale. Here are some COVID-safe ideas to help you plan your event:
  1. Text to Give
    1. Setting up a way to text and donate to the cause you’re supporting is an easy way anyone can do something good. Use social media to spread the word and set up resources for people to learn about the cause they’re donating to.
  2. Online Offering Plate
    1. Rather than passing around a physical offering plate, consider setting up a virtual one so that your congregation can donate without unnecessary contact.
  3. Virtual Runs/Walks
    1. A common fundraiser is to get the community together for a walk or run. With a virtual run, anyone can participate at their own time rather than all at once and take pictures to share through social media.
  4. Online Documentary
    1. If your cause has informational footage, you can set up an online page where participants can watch, chat, and donate all together.
  5. Giving Tuesday
    1. Work with your congregation to spread the word for Giving Tuesday through social media to encourage online donations.
  6. Streaming Events
    1. Online streaming is a popular way to interact with a community. Pick an event like art or cooking that the congregation can work on to encourage community donations and discussion.
  7. Crowdfunding
    1. Another simple idea is to crowdfund using sites like GoFundMe and have your congregation spread the news through social media.
  8. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    1. This virtual fundraiser is a kind of game or challenge where people can work alone or as a team to raise funds with various goals, all for the same cause.
  9. Online Auction
    1. Turn a rummage sale into an online auction anyone can participate in where the proceeds go toward your cause of choice.
  10. Netflix Party
    1. You can also set up an online link where participants can watch the same Netflix films or shows alongside you and access a chat window to talk about it together while encouraging donations.
  11. Online Talent Show
    1. If your congregation is interested in sharing their talents, you can set up a competition for everyone to show off their skills in a night of fun.
  12. Online Cook-Off/Bake Off
    1. Create a contest where everyone can work together to prepare something like a cake or cupcakes and vote on the most unique decorations.
  13. Virtual Gaming Competition
    1. There are lots of fun and easy games you can access online like trivia games, musical games, and others that everyone can participate in as a contest.
  14. Online Gala
    1. Use an online gala platform to get together with charity auctions and donation appeals.
  15. Webinar
    1. If the fundraiser focuses on something that can be discussed, then a webinar to talk about that cause can be a great way to spread information as well.

Fundraising During COVID-19

Ultimately it’s important that everyone stays safe during these times. Gathering together can be risky, even with enforced safety precautions. If you had an event planned and are concerned about canceling it, remember that if you do choose to cancel, you're doing it for the health of your congregation. If possible, you can try to convert your existing idea into an online event or use one of the suggestions we discussed instead.

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