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Local Embroidery Shop - Tips For Getting Kids to Wear Masks

With every new month, we as a society have gotten closer and closer to returning to ordinary life from before the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, there are many new changes to our daily lives during these times, such as the social efforts to wear masks while out of the house and the enforcement of mask-wearing in many public spaces. Adults understand why this is so important and the value of masks, but for small children especially, these can seem like an annoyance. Parents may be dealing with kids that aren’t keen on wearing masks and may even put up a fight while doing so. Today, we’d like to share with you some information on helping your children become comfortable with wearing their masks. We at Fully Promoted Davie are an embroidery shop that now offers masks and other safety supplies like hand sanitizer online. Search “embroiderer near me” in Weston or Davie, FL to find us, and you can get custom face masks with your kid’s favorite design.

Tips from Our Embroidery Shop: Helping Kids Wear Masks

First, it’s important to note that kids should only be wearing masks if they are over the age of 2 as younger children will have a harder time breathing. Mask-wearing is important to reduce the spread of corona, but not at the risk of your child’s health. If possible, it’s best to leave babies and toddlers at home with a family member rather than taking them out whenever possible. When it comes to people wearing masks and your child wearing one as well, there can be a lot of questions, especially for younger children. It’s important to be honest with them and take the time necessary to explain the importance of masks. Some children might see masks as intimidating since they conceal a person’s face, but there are a few things you can do to help make your child feel more comfortable with wearing their mask in public. Help your child develop a sense of ownership with their mask by giving them the ability to decorate it. You can turn this into an activity for your family to engage with and customize your own mask that you can wear when you take your child out. There are lots of opportunities for your child to personalize their mask. If your child likes superheroes, you can also consider an embroidered face mask with a pattern based on their favorite hero. Masks can seem like a superhero costume to your child, so you can encourage their imagination and creativity while using it while also teaching them how to use it properly.

Staying Safe While Wearing Masks

Simply wearing a mask or gloves won’t be keeping you all that safe on their own. It’s important to know how to use these tools properly to keep yourself safe while also teaching your children how to use them as well. The biggest thing with COVID-19 safety is avoiding touching your face. Most patients who have contracted the virus have done so by touching an infected surface and then touching their faces, bypassing the mask entirely. Additionally, try to avoid touching or adjusting your mask as well, as if you are carrying the virus, that virus will be on your mask. Touching it will pick up the virus on your hands and allow you to spread it to others more quickly. As for gloves, these are one-time-use tools that can help you interact with surfaces you’re trying to avoid without consequence. Continuously wearing the same pair of gloves, though, won’t protect you if you end up picking up the virus onto the gloves themselves.

Search “Embroiderer Near Me” to Find Us in Davie, FL

If you’re looking to purchase masks with custom designs, an embroidery shop is the place to search, and we in Davie are here for both retail and wholesale clients around Davie and Weston, FL. You can search “embroiderer near me” in those areas to find us, or check out our online boutique for more information. Contact us today for details on our products.
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