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Explore exclusive free shipping on selected items for orders over $500! 📦🎉
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An Experienced Tshirt Wholesaler Can Help You Pick the Right Shirt

Looking to add your brand to custom t shirts to offer up at an event, or even just share with your team? If so, you’re probably searching “t shirt printing near me,” but before you dive right in, have you thought about the material you want for your custom t shirts? We at Fully Promoted Davie are a t shirt wholesaler of Davie, FL in the Miami area, and since we’ve made custom t shirt printing our business, we’d like to share a thing or two about t shirt materials.

Cotton, Polyester, or a Blend?

When it comes to shirt materials, you’re looking at 3 major materials used for the vast majority of clothing. If you’re looking to use branded t shirts, then you’ll certainly want to decide between these three. Here’s what you should know:
  • Cotton
    • Easily the most common and popular material, cotton is naturally soft and breathable. The feel of 100% cotton shirts is very comfortable, hypoallergenic, and is universally flexible. On the flip side, it can be a tad heavier in warmer clients and can shrink or wrinkle if not washed properly.
  • Polyester
    • Also fairly common, polyester is a great option when you want something that’s lightweight and still comfortable. It’s more resistant to moisture, stretching, and wrinkles as well. In this regard, you're getting something more durable. On the downside, it can be more costly than cotton by a tad. It’s also more clingy than cotton and may be less comfortable overall despite its flexibility.
  • Blends
    • A blend combines the best of both cotton and polyester. The ratio helps keep the material smooth and lightweight, and that retains the durability of polyester while being more comfortable. While a bit of all the good between cotton and polyester, you also get a bit of the bad in both as well. It’s typically more expensive, can still be clingy with a synthetic feel.

What Material to Order from a T Shirt Wholesaler

Ultimately, it will come down to what it is you want in the material of your shirts. Cotton’s a great choice if you want something simple and comfortable, though you might prefer the durability of polyester if you intend to hand them out during an event where people will be more active. Regardless of your decision, you’ll need to search “t shirt printing near me,” right? If so, Fully Promoted Davie can help. While cotton, polyester, and blends are all common among custom t shirts, that’s not to say that they’re the only options. If you want soething more luxurious, more expensive options exist that can generate even softer feels, though you’ll typically reserve these for more special occasions, if even.

Contact Us for T Shirt Printing Near Me

If you’re located in the Miami area, and you’re interested in finding a t shirt wholesaler, then look no further than Fully Promoted Davie. We specialize in helping provide branded merchandise for clients around the city. Contact us today to learn more about our t shirt opportunities or to get more information on other materials available to you depending on your needs.
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