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Buying Wholesale Tee Shirts? Know Your Options!

Do you like the sound of wholesale tee shirts and whole clothing Miami locals can customize with their own designs or brands? Branded clothing is a fantastic idea for businesses of all kinds, whether for an event or even to sell at your location. This is where Fully Promoted Davie comes in. We are a provider of wholesale clothing that provides opportunities for those in Davie, Weston, or other parts of Miami to customize the clothing for your own unique style. This isn’t just about the design, but the material too. We want to take a moment and talk a little about cotton--specifically the difference between regular and organic cotton. Do you know which option is right for you? Let’s talk about wholesale clothing Miami locals can customize.

Cotton or Organic Cotton… What’s the Difference?

Cotton is one of the most common materials used for clothing, bedding, blankets, and more. It’s soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and flexible. These are all great assets to have in fabrics. Organic cotton is the same in many ways, but the main difference is how and where it’s grown. Organic cotton needs to follow organic family guidelines, such as not being able to use pesticides. Here are the advantages of choosing organic cotton:
  • It’s softer
    • Organic cotton retains its normal levels of durability, insulation, and weatherproof components that make cotton a great choice for fabrics. In addition, it’s actually softer than regular cotton because less chemicals are used on it.
  • It’s socially ethical
    • With regular cotton, many providers outsource their materials from a location that uses cheap, unethical labor, but organic materials don’t do this. That also means organic cotton is fair trade.
  • It’s more eco-friendly
    • Because less chemicals are used in the development of organic cotton, that means there’s less water and soil pollution that’s created as a byproduct.

What Materials are Best for Wholesale Tee Shirts?

Ultimately, organic cotton is a softer version of regular cotton while also being more ethical and more environmental, so it seems like a no brainer, right? There’s one downside that does need to be mentioned--the cost. As mentioned, organic cotton is grown without the use of cheap, unethical labor, and when the people who harvest the cotton are paid a reasonable wage, the cost goes up. That’s not the only factor though, as organic produce in general suffer from lower yields than other materials because the lack of pesticides means more crops are lost. Is organic cotton worth that additional cost? It’s a good idea to support the cultivation of materials that do better for the world and one another, but we also recognize that some startups might need to conserve their budgets. It ultimately depends on you and your needs.

Contact Us for Wholesale Clothing Miami Locals can Customize

If you’re located in Weston of the Miami area, and you’re interested in finding wholesale Clothing Miami residents can customize, then look no further than Fully Promoted Davie. We specialize in helping provide branded merchandise for clients around the city. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale tee shirts or to get more information on other materials available to you depending on your needs.
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