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Why Is Some Screen Printing So Expensive?

Are you thinking about customizing your own shirt? At Fully Promoted Davie, we explain why screen printing can be so costly because many people are shocked when they hear the price of what their shirt design will be. We break down the process of printing for you so you can gain insight into why the numbers add up. Many different factors go into printing shirts, such as the material, colors, the print itself, and more. Plus, you want to make sure that the image that you are printing onto your shirt is created by a high-quality designer, which, needless to say, will be more expensive than a low-quality designer. You want to make sure that your shirt lasts a long time and that the image turns out exactly the way you want it to. Stop searching for “screen printing near me” to find the lowest prices because it will always be more costly than you think, and we are here to tell you why. Trust our information because we are the best in Davie!  

Screen Printing Process 

You are probably wondering why the process of printing on custom shirts is so expensive. There is no reason to search for “screen printing near me” because we provide all the information you need to know. First, you will need to pay a fee for the screening process itself. For an image to transfer onto a shirt, another screen is needed for altering the color and the size of the image. Second, you will have to pay for the graphic design itself. This fee is charged by the hour because your image needs to be fully prepared before it is printed and transferred onto your shirt. It cannot be pixelated or fuzzy in any way. Third, you will have to pay for the ink. Depending on the size of your image, you will have to pay more or less. Also, if you use a lot of colors, you will likely have to pay more. Fourth, you will be charged for the labor of the printing process. This labor is essentially the process of making sure that all of the images on your shirts are exactly where they should be. A lot of the time, the images need editing and a lot of resets to get the final results.  

Specific Charges 

We want to provide you with specific charges so you can calculate how much you will need to spend on your custom shirt. Here are the charges that you need to keep in mind for your estimation:  
  • Fees for the screening are twenty to fifty dollars for every screen 
  • Graphic design charges are forty to one hundred dollars every hour 
  • Charges for the ink are two to five dollars for each print 
  • Labor fees range from fifteen to twenty-five dollars for every location

Is It Worth It?

Many people often wonder if custom shirts are worth the money. We believe that they are worth it as long as you know the cost in advance so that you are not shocked when it comes time to pay. Understanding the charges of the entire screening and printing processes makes all of the difference. So stop searching for “screen printing near me” when you can learn from our information.  

Contact Us

Fully Promoted Davie has a lot of experience with screen printing which is how we provide the information that we do. We love helping people estimate the cost of their custom shirts by breaking down the entire process. So contact us today in Davie for more information!
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